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Kudos from Our Customers...

  • Customer A reported that he had several devices that were not connecting to wifi. He said our technician Mario was awesome and amazing and that everything is now GREAT.
  • Customer W called and reported that he had no wifi.  He said our technician Tommy was fantastic----and could not believe he got there so quickly; he is very happy.
  • Customer H, affected by an outage, wanted to inform us how professional, nice, and courteous our technician Ben was. She stated he went above and beyond, and all in all was great while at her home!! 
  • Customer M reported that our technician Gerald was quick and very knowledgeable. After Mr M. explained the issue to Gerald, Gerald knew the cause right away. He was very polite and Mr M is very, very pleased with Gerald's service today.


  • From Customer H:  Thank you for all the help you gave us in selecting Fibervision.  Everything is working well and the clarity is amazing.  If we need to make any changes or need service, we will give you a call.  Your Tec was knowledgeable, efficient and polite.  Please extend our thanks to him. Our next door neighbors have about 6 months with their present company, but will be looking into Fibervision in the coming future. 

  • Customer K reports:  We had our STB replaced on Friday (3/8), so now that is working fine. However, the channel packages that I am paying for are no longer available. After I called the 24/7 number to see how to get that rectified, Warren called back at 8:15 on Saturday morning to see how he could help. He understood the problem, and fixed everything, even before the front office was open. Thanks Warren (and FiberVision) for being so helpful!