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Ocala and Marion County - Where We Do Business

Thousands of new residents annually begin calling Marion County home, keeping it among the three fastest-growing areas in the nation. The hospitality of residents makes transitions easy, and its large variety and affordability of housing ensures there are homes to suit every taste, lifestyle and budget.

Marion County is the fastest-growing county in Florida, and Ocala is its major metropolitan area.  Located in North-Central Florida along Interstate 75, Marion County is equal distance between Jacksonville and Orlando.  Residents and businesses love the area for two reasons—its wonderful climate and its high quality of life for a relatively low cost.  It is also conveniently located near two international airports—Orlando International and Tampa International.  And its nearby Ocala National Forest provides nature-lovers with thousands of acres of trees, trails, lakes, and rivers.

Surrounded by scenic countryside, Ocala has the vitality and diversity of a much larger city. Named the county seat in 1845, it has an interesting history but is still quite progressive. Ocala's Historic District is a charming neighborhood of tree-lined streets and exquisite Victorian and Tudor homes. Even its downtown area reminds you of a by-gone era. Throughout the city and in nearby suburbs are newer developments of single-family homes, condos, townhouses, and apartments.  And within a short drive are some of the nation’s best-known Active-Adult Communities—The Villages; Del Webb’s Spruce Creek Country Club; and Stonecrest.  And did we mention that John Travolta calls Ocala home?  The well-known actor is often seen within the community--and so are many of his famous friends.  All are able to “taxi” right up to John’s sprawling home complete with its private airstrip and its attached “control-tower.”

The scenic landscape is dotted with more than 900 horse farms.  In fact, Ocala has officially been named The Horse Capital of the World.  It ranks third nationally (behind two Kentucky counties) in total value of horses sold.  Around 50 different breeds are represented in the area—and nearly 29,000 residents are employed in the county’s Thoroughbred Industry.

In 2006, Ocala was named “The 13th Fastest Growing Job Community” within the United States.  Its major employers are involved with healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and government.  Area hospitals and schools are considered some of Florida’s finest; and its golf courses—well, you’ll just have to experience them for yourself!

Another wonderful selling point to residents and visitors alike is Ocala's fabulous climate making it perfect for agriculture and landscaping. In Marion County, the weather freezes less than 11 days a year; and one-third of the year the temperature is at least 90 degrees. The average annual temperature for the area is 82 degrees. Rainfall is kept to a minimum—just enough to help keep the countryside beautifully green year round.