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Email is the nickname for “Electronic Mail.”  In simple form, it is person-to-person communication conveyed electronically.  Initially it used a text format only; but it has now expanded to all forms of information including photographs, videos, and music.  Automatically encrypted, Email provides confidentiality and high security.  When compared to its cousin “paper mail,” there is no contest.  Email can usually be transmitted around the world within seconds and is considered by most to be easier and less expensive.  Perhaps the real advantage of Email is it doesn’t limit itself to simple person-to-person communication.  Email “mailing lists” or “conferences” can be easily established.  In this case, all messages sent by a participant are immediately “copied” to all others.  The result is a very flexible forum whereby people in arbitrary locations worldwide can carry on an extended and coordinated discussion.  This form of group communication is effectively impossible with conventional “paper mail.” 

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