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Internet Q & A

What is High-Speed Internet?
High-Speed Internet is high-speed broadband Internet service delivered to your home through your television cable. Our state-of-the-art fiber optic network delivers the Internet at speeds simply not possible with traditional dial-up services.

How do I reboot my cable modem?
Unplug the AC power cord from your modem.  Wait 30 seconds--then plug it back in.  Then watch the LED indicator to determine whether the box has come back "on line."  You should now be able to access the internet.  If not, try rebooting your computer.

How many Email accounts come with my High-Speed Internet?
With our service, you can have up to five Email accounts.

Where is FiberVisionFL High-Speed Internet service available?
It is not available in all our areas.  Please call our Office to verify availability.

Can I watch TV and use your High-Speed Internet at the same time?
Of course—neither signal will affect the other.  But past experience has shown there are times that more than four active televisions may have signal strength problems.  If this occurs, please call us and we can install a signal booster to ensure your picture quality.

What type of computer do I need?
Our High-Speed Internet may be used with PC and Macintosh computers.

Once I get your High-Speed Internet, do I still need an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
No, you won’t.  We are a full-service provider.

What hardware and software do you provide?
We provides a Cable Labs certified cable modem as part of your internet service.  We also provide one Ethernet cable or one USB cable with the USB drivers connections. No  additional hardware or software is included. 

Can I own my modem or must I lease my modem?
We provide a cable modem to each customer.  You are not able to use any other cable modem with our system.  

Is Your High-Speed Internet compatible with America Online service?
You can combine the great content of AOL with the high speed and constant connection of FiberVisionFL High-Speed Internet. Contact AOL to learn more about their Bring Your Own Access program and let them know you will be using FiberVisionFL of High-Speed Internet as your access provider. (AOL service rates are separate from our High-Speed Internet service charges.)

Is your High-Speed Internet compatible with Sony PlayStation2/X-box?
Yes. One of our High-Speed Internet cable modems can be hooked directly to a Sony PlayStation2/X-box unit. FiberVisionFL will support the cable modem connection as if it were connected to a computer. We will not support any issues related to a specific game.

Can I network more than one computer?
Yes. Please check with a reputable computer electronics retailer for home networking solutions that are right for you. We will support a cable modem that is connected to a hub or router to the gateway or host computer; however, we do not install or support the network. Our internet service may not be connected to a broadcast server of any kind.

How long does it take to install internet service?
Installation of High-Speed Internet service may take as long as two hours depending on your computer and whether any wiring is required. For scheduling purposes, we request 72 hours notice but will install your internet tomorrow if you so desire.

Does FiberVisionFL offer personal web space or web hosting options?
Not at this time but we expect to in the near future.

Who do I call to reschedule a service appointment?
If you have a change of plans and are unable to be there for your install appointment, please call our Office at (352) 854-0408.

How does FiberVisionFL protect my privacy?
Your information is private.  We do not sell it to other companies.