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Installs & Disconnects

All our field personnel drive white trucks prominently displaying our company logo.  They are attired in company uniforms bearing our company name, and they also carry an ID card which they are glad to show upon request.   Should you have any concerns about their legitimacy, please call our Office. 

Installs: You will be asked for some specific information--your name, address, phone number, etc. You will then be asked to select a convenient date for us to install your cable. In most cases, we are able to do so within 24 hours of your call. We do not set specific appointments, but we're happy to telephone you 30 minutes prior to our arrival if you so request.

So we can complete your install in a timely fashion, we offer these helpful suggestions:
1. You may pay our installer by cash, check, money order, or traveler's checks.
2. If you wish to pay by credit card, please call our Office directly at (352) 854-0408.
3. Our personnel are not allowed to enter your home without a responsible adult present. If you are not able to be in
    attendance, please call our Office and reschedule your appointment.
4. Our insurance carrier does not allow our personnel to move televisions or other expensive equipment. If you have a large
    entertainment center or heavy TV, please position it in the appropriate location prior to our arrival

Once our installer has completed his job, he will review with you all his work taking the time to explain any areas in which you have questions—ex. programming of your TV; use of your remote control; set-up of your Email accounts; etc. He will complete the entire job while at your home—even the burying of your outside drop. (If this is not possible for some valid reason, please be sure any "uncompleted portion” is written prominently on the paperwork before you sign your “acceptance.”) We want you to be pleased before we leave. And to be sure we met your expectations, we will call back to verify the quality of our service.

Disconnects:  We actually visit your home to disconnect your cable service and will need to gain admittance to obtain our equipment. However, we are able to disconnect both your internet and digital phone service directly from our Office.