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Customer Service Q & A

How do I make a change to my service?
You may decide at any time to make a change to your existing service—such as purchasing a
new service; adding an outlet; adding a premium channel; or connecting a digital box.  If these are your wishes, we’re happy to serve you.  All you need do is give us a call or send us an Email. Of course, if you’d like to drop by our Office, we’re always glad to see you.

What if I move, transfer, or need to disconnect my service?
You can certainly request a disconnect at any time for any reason.  Simply call our office and schedule one.  Prior to disconnection, however, we request you return all our equipment and provide us with a forwarding address in case we owe you a refund or you owe us a “remaining balance.”  If you are transferring within the Ocala area, please ask if we serve your new area.  If so, you may be able to take your equipment with you. 

Why is a digital box necessary?
A digital box is necessary to receive the new advanced cable services such as digital cable, digital music, Pay-Per-View, etc. 

What is Pay-Per-View?
It is exactly what it says—you choose the program you wish to see and pay only when you view it.  With our Pay-Per-View, you have the option of viewing the latest blockbuster movies or possibly some “classics” you wish to see again.  You’ll also find a number of sporting or special events offered.  If any of these spark your interest, they are available for purchase.  The advantages of Pay-Per-View are obvious.  You won’t have to rewind or return tapes; you won’t receive late fees for returning “rented” movies past deadline dates; and you will be able to watch your selection with as many people as possible—all for one low price.  For a complete listing of what’s currently available on Pay-Per-View, please check the Pay-Per-View channels listed on your Channel Card.

Is it possible for me to install additional outlets myself?
Yes, but we prefer you don’t since many safety and quality problems can occur.  When cable outlets are not installed properly, high-frequency radio waves can escape into the atmosphere creating what is known as “signal leakage.” This phenomenon is regulated by the FCC which in turn has made “signal leakage” the responsibility of the cable company.  This regulated responsibility includes the entire network of cables as well as the wiring inside your home. For this reason, it is important to us how your home is wired.

“Signal leakage” is truly a serious problem.  It can cause interference with air-traffic control systems, police, fire, and other emergency communications thus posing a potential risk to human life.  Most “signal leaks” result from a loose connection between your cable outlet or signal splitter and your television/digital box.  In addition to the above listed problems, these “leaks” can also cause poor pictures for both you and your neighbors.  We, therefore, suggest you let professionals install all your wiring.

Why does my cable service occasionally go out?
Even with all the improved technology, outages will still occur from time-to-time.  There are several reasons—many are beyond our immediate control.  First:  The electric company may suffer a power outage which prevents TV reception.  Even if our new back-up power units function properly, they cannot make our cable picture appear on an “unpowered” TV set.  Second:  During the spring and fall equinoxes, we experience solar interference.  This phenomenon occurs when the sun and our satellite dishes are positioned in a direct line.  When this happens, service is interrupted for a few minutes and then restored automatically.  Third:   Sometimes contractors digging in an area can cause damage to our lines creating an interruption in service.  Fourth:  It is necessary for us to perform routine maintenance which occasionally requires us to “take down” the system.  (We make every effort to schedule these “planned interruptions” during early morning hours but sometimes this is not possible.)  And fifth:  Even though we perform routine maintenance and periodic checks, we may still experience problems with our electronic equipment.  If such occurs, we will repair it as quickly as possible so you can continue your cable enjoyment.

How can I protect my TV and electronic equipment during a thunderstorm?
Since regular household grounding does not ensure the protection of electrical equipment, we recommend that during a thunderstorm you unplug your TV as well as our cable line.  The reason is simple:  Thunderstorms can cause brief outages when lightning hits equipment located on power lines. This may result in surges that damage appliances such as TVs, VCRs, computers, scanners, printers, etc.  This damage usually occurs when the electricity suddenly reappears.

Why do I need to be home for your technician to repair my service?
It is important our technician takes a "personal look" at your interior cable wiring as well as your TV picture.  By doing so, he can usually find the problem quicker and repair it easily.  This personal inspection may also help him locate problems "about to occur."

How do I comment about programming on a specific network? 
FiberVisionFL does not select, create, or produce the programs aired on your TV.  So if you feel strongly about the content of a specific program, let that particular network hear from you.  Your opinion really counts.  Past history has proven that to be true time after time...after time! 
You can usually communicate with them through an email link found on their website.