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Service Policies

FiberVisionFL uses the best electronic equipment possible to provide our customers with reliable service.  We also train our field employees to handle the complete problem while they are at your home.  Since we never know what we will encounter and how long it will take to solve, we do not schedule actual appointments.  However, if you provide us with a phone number, we are glad to call you 30 minutes prior to our arrival. 

Service Follow-Up
Your satisfaction is very important to us. For that reason, one of our Customer Representatives will phone you after each install or service call. We want to know the work was completed to your satisfaction; that our employee was friendly and helpful; and that you have no further cable needs. We will make two attempts to reach you—and will leave a message if it’s possible. But if these attempts to “touch base” are not successful, we ask you to call us if you still have problems.

Service Calls
When you have a cable problem, we are glad to respond quickly. If it is caused by our equipment, obviously there will be no charge; however, if the problem is caused from other sources, there may be a service fee. (Other sources can include: accidentally disconnected equipment; TV repair problems; etc.)


Outages are our #1 Service Priority! We’re doing everything possible to keep these to a minimum. Recently we’ve installed stand-by power units throughout our entire cable system to improve t
he reliability of your cable even during times commercial power fails. This, along with the construction of our new cable plant, has greatly reduced system-wide outages. But it’s important you realize our technicians must periodically test and repair our equipment. This may cause a loss of service to an entire neighborhood known as a “maintenance outage.” If you experience an outage, please wait a few minutes before calling our Office. The signal loss may be temporary and may be restored quickly. If your picture remains off longer, feel free to call us. We will tell you if there is “maintenance" taking place in your area and when your signal should be restored. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day--and we have on-call personnel working seven days a week.

Individual Outages

If you think you have an individual outage, please call our Cable Office at (352) 854-0408. Before you call, please check to see if the electricity is still on; that the television is plugged in; and that the TV is on the correct channel (if you have a digital box or VCR hooked up). Doing all of this first could save you a later service charge. Also please phone us before you or your contractors begin digging. We are glad to come to your home and locate your cable line for free. This preventive call can help you and your neighbors from experiencing outages. Click HERE for details regarding Florida’s FREE One-Call Program.

Sports Blackouts
From time-to-time, we are required to "blackout" certain sports programs that would normally appear on your TV. We regret this inconvenience and ask your understanding when these mandated blackouts occur.

Required “Adult At Home”
Our company has made it a policy that our installers and technicians will not under any circumstances enter your home to perform work if a responsible adult is not present. We realize this may cause an inconvenience, but we feel it is necessary to protect both you and our employees. We hope you will understand.

FiberVisionFL is glad to repair and/or replace for free the basic equipment we use to provide you cable service. However, we do not repair personal equipment such as televisions, VCRs, DVDs, computers, telephones, etc. In these cases we are only responsible for bringing our service to the “input” of your equipment.  

Digital Boxes
Since you are simply renting from us your digital boxes or DVR, please call our Office if you experience problems.  We will be glad to replace or repair it for free (if the damage is from normal use). But do remember it is the property of FiberVisionFL and must be returned to us if you move or your service is discontinued for any reason. If any equipment you rent from us is lost, stolen, or destroyed beyond normal “wear and tear,” you are responsible for replacement costs. The charges could be as high as $600—depending on the make and model of your unit. (We recommend you include this equipment on your homeowner or rental insurance policy so in case of loss your out-of-pocket expenses are minimal.)

Your Home Wiring
You have options regarding the home wiring located within your residence that is used to provide cable service. Home wiring includes extra outlets, splitters, connections and fittings or wall plates attached to the cable. It does not include terminal devices such as boxes, descramblers, A/B switches, parental lockout devices, and security devices.

According to FCC regulations, customers are given the option to acquire the home wiring within their home upon termination of cable service. However, even prior to termination of cable service, customers can remove, replace, rearrange, repair or maintain any cable wiring located within the interior space of their residence as long as these actions do not interfere with our ability to meet FCC technical standards or to provide quality services to you or your neighbors.

If you want us to maintain your in-house wiring, you must subscribe to our Whole House Maintenance Plan. (Click HERE for further details.) If you decide not to subscribe, you will be charged our regulated hourly service fee when we visit your home to remove, replace, rearrange, or maintain the wiring inside. In addition, we are not responsible for problems relating to the operation of customer-owned electronic equipment such as televisions, VCRs, DVDs, computers, printers, telephones, home antennas, satellite-wiring equipment, etc., which may be connected to your inside wiring. We are, however, responsible for problems relating to any equipment that you lease from us, other than problems caused by tampering, abuse, or neglect.

The wiring used by FiberVisionFL cannot be used by another video provider. To do so could cause problems for your service as well as your neighbors. Therefore, should you decide to have services provided by others, they must be on separate wiring. It is important even then that only high-quality home wiring materials be used and that these be installed properly to avoid signal leakage and maintain signal quality in compliance with FCC technical regulations.  Should improper materials or poor installation cause signal degradation and/or leakage, we may be required under federal law to terminate your cable service until the problem is corrected.