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Cable Technical Difficulties

If you are having reception problems, they may or may not be caused by the cable.  But if you would like us to come out, we are glad to do so.  Do bear in mind, however, if the problem is indeed not “cable related,” you will incur a service charge.  So we recommend you review the following items and see if you can solve the problem yourself.  If not, feel free to call our Office at (352) 854-0408.

Snow—This may be accompanied by poor sound.  Its cause could be nearby interference or a temporary broadcast problem.  Check other channels to see if the “snow” appears on them as well.

Ghosting—When this occurs, you see double images.  This is usually caused by signal interference on channels used by local stations.  Adjust the fine tuning.  

Diagonal Straight or Wavy Lines—This could be the TV set but may also be caused from external interference.  Check nearby appliances, generators, vacuum cleaners, etc.  

Lit Screen but No Picture—This could also be a picture but no sound on the channels--or no light on the screen with or without sound.

Speckled BandsWhen these run across the picture, it could be caused by external interference or a heavy-duty appliance running nearby.  Turn off the appliance or switch channels and see if the problem persists.

No Sound at All—Check to be sure the MUTE button on your remote has not been pushed. 

Noisy Sound on One Channel—Your cable connection may be loose and may need to be tightened. 

Buzzing Sound—Try adjusting the set’s fine tuning.  Also check to see interference isn’t being caused from near-by appliances such as microwaves, dishwashers, vacuums, etc. 

Sound from Only One Speaker—Check to be sure you don’t have a loose cable connection. If such is the case, tighten it.  Also check to be sure there are no frayed wires and plugs aren’t broken or bent.  Make sure the audio cables are connected to your terminal’s correct Left and Right output jacks.  In addition, check the “balance” setting to verify sound is being delivered through your stereo amplifier.     

Distorted Sound or Different LanguageMany TVs have additional features like SAP, MAP, or bilingual buttons.  If you are hearing sounds other than those you expect, check to see if your set contains one of these buttons and be sure it is turned off.  (Some televisions control these features from their remote control.  Be sure and check that as well.) 

If the following problems continue, they are probably not cable problems.  They may require a TV repairman.

  • Screen Not Lit—If your TV has no light whatsoever, we suggest you check to be sure it is turned on and that its electrical plug is connected properly.
  • Picture Too Large or Too Small—If your picture size no longer fits your screen  correctly, check your set adjustments.  Should the condition persist, you may wish to call your TV repair service.
  • Picture Pulls Horizontally—Try adjusting slowly the “horizontal hold” control.
  • Picture Rolls Vertically—Try adjusting slowly the “vertical hold” control.
  • Horizontal White Line—If this is across the center of the screen, it indicates a collapse of your vertical amplifier.  The solution will probably require a TV repairman.