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DVR--Questions and Answers

  1. What kind of programs can I record?
    You can record both standard and high definition programs which are automatically interpreted by the box.

  2. How much high definition programming can I save versus standard definition programming?
    DVRs have many hours of programming storage available.  On the average, HD programming takes four times the storage space required for standard-definition programming.

  3. How do I return to live TV when I'm watching recorded programming?
    Press the LIVE button on your remote.

  4. How do I record a Pay Per View (PPV) broadcast?
    Select the particular PPV program you wish to record,  Consent to buying it and then hit RECORD.

  5. Do I have to connect my DVR to a telephone or other data source?
    The DVR gets all the information it needs from your cable signal, so that's the only connection required.

  6. I currently record programs on my VCR. How is a DVR different?
    The DVR takes recording technology to a new level, capturing picture and sound digitally (for a superior result to tape-based recording) and allowing greater viewing flexibility. It keeps recording forward while you pause, rewind, or replay scenes. No VCR can do that!

  7. I expect to record a lot of programming. How will I know when my hard disk is full?
    When your remaining available disk space reaches just 20%, your TV will display the following message: "Recording space low. You only have 20% of your total recording space left. To be sure new recordings are completed, you may want to delete previous recordings."

  8. Can I adjust the quality of the video recording to conserve hard disk space?
    No, the DVR records at a pre-set level to ensure consistently good results.

  9. How does the Parental Control feature work?
    Parental Control allows you to block programs, or types of programs, from being recorded. You can set blocks based on the program's title or rating, or you can block entire channels.

  10. What is the Interactive Program Guide (IPG)?
    The IPG contains program listings and information. It is searchable by Title and Subject Type, and allows you to automatically record programs in the future. Detailed program information is available up to 24 hours in advance, and complete program listings are typically available 14 days in advance.

  11. How can I find programs I want to record?
    Using the Interactive Program Guide, you can search upcoming programming by Title and Genre. When you find something that sounds interesting, simply press RECORD. The DVR will automatically record that program for you.


  12. Can I transfer a recorded program to a VHS tape?
    Yes. While playing your recorded program on your TV, tape it using your VCR just as you would a live broadcast.

  13. Will the cable company track what I record?
    No. What you choose to record is private—it’s no one else’s business.

  14. How do I archive my recordings on an external hard drive?
    This feature is not currently supported.  As an alternate solution for archiving standard resolution recordings today, you can use your VCR.

  15. Why does the set-top continue making noises even when it's turned off?
    Like some other appliance in the home such as your refrigerator, the set-top needs to remain on at all times to connect with the cable plant head-end for continued exchange and refresh of data. The DVR set-tops have an internal hard drive and fan which remains on at all times. You will experience a slight humming noise during operation. There is no reason for concern. Again, similar to the humming from your refrigerator, this humming from the DVR means the box is on and running to serve your entertainment needs.

  16. Why does the set-top box appear to be warm?
    The set-top is an electronic device that gives off a nominal amount of heat. It is fully compliant with UL recommended heat emission standards. In order to ensure reliable and safe operation, we recommend the unit be positioned to allow air flow around it for proper cooling.


  17. What if I am having a recording problem?
    Please contact the Cable Office—we will be glad to help.

  18. My friend has picture-in-picture (PIP) capability on his cable DVR set-top. Where is it on this one?
    Currently the Motorola product does not support PIP. We expect to support this feature in the future.

  19. Why are the front jacks not working?
    This interface is currently not supported in the current version of software.  

  20. Can the DVR playback a high definition recording while another HD program is being recorded?
    Yes, in fact you can record two programs at once while watching a previously recorded program from the hard drive.

  21. Are there two record buttons; one for each tuner? How do you make the DVR record two programs at once?
    You can set it for two recordings using the Interactive Program Guide by selecting two different programs listed with overlapping times and pressing the record button.

  22. Should I disconnect my DVR from its power source when I leave town?
    No, please don't disconnect it from its commercial power source.  Even though you're not home, your DVR will continue downloading information that will be available for you upon your return.