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FiberVision's DVRs

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder.  If you are a Digital Cable subscriber, you can use this device to automatically record programming directly onto the hard drive of your cable box. It allows you to play your stored programs as often as you like and control live TV with VCR-like functions such as pause, play and rewind.  And the special DVRs used by FiberVisionFL go one step further—they allows you to record in High-Definition as well.

It is simple:

  • Watch what you want when you want to. If you aren't going to be home, simply record your favorite show and watch it later at a convenient time.

  • Watch one program while recording another. You no longer need to choose between two programs.  You can watch them both – and do so on your schedule.

  • Record what you’d like without tapes, timers, or a VCR.  Just highlight a program on your on-screen program guide and press “record.”  The show will now be saved directly onto your DVR box.

It is easy:

  • With Instant Replay: see if the referee actually made the right call.

  • With Pause:  answer the phone; turn off the oven; or let the dog out.  When you come back, your program will be waiting for you at the point you left it.

  • With Fast Forward:  “fly” through commercials or other unimportant programming that has already transpired.

  • With Parental Control: you can block what you’d like the younger family members not to view. 

    The dual tuner lets you do two things at once: watch a live program while recording another, record two programs that are on at the same time — or even watch a previously recorded program while recording another!

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