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Billing Q & A

Why is my cable service billed in advance?
Unlike a utility where the monthly charges are based on usage and thus calculated at the end of a billing period, FiberVisionFL is an entertainment provider.  We charge a standard monthly rate for service, and it is due at the beginning of our billing cycle.  Think of it this way—you pay before you “attend the event.”

What is a “partial month” charge?
If you add or delete service during the month, your next bill may reflect an amount for a partial month of service.  The “partial month” fee will either be a charge or a credit and will reflect the  “adjusted” amount carried forward from the previous month.  It will be pro-rated based on the number of days affected by your change.  In effect it brings your new monthly billing cycle “up-to-date.”

What are the fees and taxes on my bill?
Various taxes and fees are assessed monthly by your local community, state, and federal governments.  These fees and taxes provide compensation for utility easements, “right-of-ways,” public access, and the cost of FCC regulation.  The FCC regulatory fee is standard in all communities; other fees and taxes vary according to local ordinances and resolutions. 

Why is my payment sent to an out-of-town address?
We have found it to be both economical and good business to have our payments processed by a bank.  Our local bank handles all its “lockbox” activity at its Orlando facility; therefore, your payment is sent there.

What is my “service address?”
It is the physical address where you receive our cable service.

What is the “service period?”
It is the time period for which you are billed.  Since we bill monthly, it is from the first day of the month till the last day of the month.

What is the “closing date?”
It is the date your bill was printed.  This means your new statement will not reflect any changes, additions, or deletions after that date.

What is the “due date?”
It is the date your bill is due.  In reality, your bill is due the first of the month; however, it is not past due until the 15th.