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Billing Procedures

1. We bill monthly. Our bills are mailed at the end of the month and should arrive at your home by the 1st
2. If you added or deleted services at the end of the month, your new bill may not reflect those changes. 
3. You are billed in advance for your services.  The bill you receive on the 1st reflects your cable charges for that entire month.

4. You will only receive one bill from us.  This bill will reflect all the cable services you receive—cable, internet, and/or telephone.
5. Any new charges you incur are simply charged to your account and will be reflected on your next month’s bill.

6. If you haven’t received your bill by the 7th, please call our Office.

7. Should you move or disconnect service, we will pro-rate any remaining “days of service” that you have prepaid.

All bills are “due upon receipt” and considered late if not paid by the 15th.
If payment has not been received by that date, the computer automatically charges a $10.00 late fee on the 16th.


When we initially install your cable, there is an installation charge.  In addition, we collect your first month of service in advance.   When our installer arrives at your home, he will go over these charges with you and will ask for payment.  This is required before he begins his work.  Should you have any questions regarding the amount or the actual cable services he will be installing, please call our Office at (352) 854-0408. We accept payment in the form of cash, checks or credit card.  (To pay by credit card, please call the Office directly.)


 Non-Pay Disconnects