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About FiberLink

In 2018, we branched out with a focus on the commercial IOT (Internet of Things) with VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone systems, High Definition Security Cameras, GPS Tracking Equipment and an Infrastucture of 3,000+ miles of Fiber Optic Internet including Dark Fiber. We also assist professionls that require HIPPA Compliance with firewalls and privacy at our primary focus.  We have the distinction of being the only Bosch Certified Installer/Dealer of Security Camera Systems in North Central Florida.  We are also an Authorized Partner with Dahus Technology in Irvine, CA.

With in-house technicians, installers of products, customer service personnel available 24/7, the team at FiberLink Florida is excited to offer the next generation of commercial technology provision and security with competitive rates and unmatched customer service!

 President, FiberLink Florida

 Network Administrator, FiberLink Florida